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Resource Extraction Corp



Devices Do Not Require Objects To Function

Objects Do Not Require Parts

Parts Exist And Function Independent Of Devices And Objects

Maps Enhance All Functionality of Objects, Parts & Devices

Devices, Objects, Parts & Maps Are Apparati

Each Individual Apparatus Has An Independent Function; Not Exclusive Of Any Combined, Supportive Structural Function.

Function does not equal Utility or physical description.

Function is a Transfigural Concept.

Each function has a construct relative to an interactive, associative and metaphorical hierarchy. A structure of relative psycho-socio strength of power and sublime influence.

In the order of direct interactive influence the following diagrammatic structure may apply:



If one were to imagine the products / apparati as interactions of the individual in the socio-corpus the following may apply:



A = Interactant #1

B = Interactant #2:

↔ = Interactive Flow

→ = Independent Flow

The following diagrams would apply to the cognitive comprehension of the intersection, union and independent states of the interactants in the realm of the totality of experience:



{A + B} ... (=) ≡ 'Device' : Totality of direct interaction

{A = B} ... (≠) ≡ 'Object' : Combined interaction of a common situation without direct total interaction

{A ~ B} ... (±) ≡ 'Part' : Acknowledged common interaction based on location proximity, situation, thought, perception, visual & non-visual simulated stimulation


The cognitive function of the totality of Object, Part, Device and Map is a congruence of the bonds that are created by individuals by the non-objective, symbolic, metaphorical, expressed and stated truths between individuals in an aggregate assignment of the conscious collective. This includes a harmonious cognitive flow, as well as the independent expression of social concerns between individuals and systems with the obligations and responsibilities that are both of the ego and the socio-corpus. This, as a total organizational structure, becomes the perceived cognitive function of an organized society as reliant on the Object, Part, Device and Map which creates common ideals, common interpretation of function, purpose and perceived utility... a deployment of an individual utility within a unilaterally perceived function.

This perceived function is exstensible. Organized society and the fundamental foundation of social solidarity is a Diaspora of the individual, as collectively shared, generated, moderated and monitored by the whole by means immediate and transcendent. The Diaspora of the individual by the 'Branding', monetization, marketing, display and realization of the self within the ether of the virtual and the exploration, engendering, study and expression of the corporeal is creating a new structure of social solidarity built on the individual.

The realization of the socio-corpus, the collective conscious-conscience, Is fabricated from the collection of nonlinear narratives within a mass of dialogue of individuals both interactive and dissociated - altruistic and solipsistic.

This realization is enhanced and facilitated by the function of all apparati as a psycho-socio investigation, examination, perusal, evaluation and increased augmentation. However, this functionality is not limited in nature by linguistic constraints.

The establishment of purpose, the hierarchy of use, can be assimilated into a paradigm that is reflective of the individual and the interaction of the individuals; the internal reflexion and external deflection that occurs when entities come within proximity. The intrapersonal and interpersonal substance.

As an evaluative method concerning the realization of each apparati, one will  envisage the potentiality of each apparati as an entity independent of one another, a unit within a socio-corpus of the individual plus one (+1).

The benefits one can gain, the insight involved on the personal level by each apparatus can be extrapolated, and revealed, compelled to the +1...Creating interaction, action-creates-response, response-creates-thought + reflection. Thought + reflection creates insight, knowledge, the lifting of the fog of obscured perception...the elusive 'sharp-edge'.

There will be a perpetually updated survey of the individual, the cartography of the mind + soul, the engineering of purpose, the structure of the composition of the self, the iterative modes of progressive development of the interactional self with the socio-corpus.

Each apparatus has a unique function. The totality of Object, Device, Part, Map does not enhance individual function. But as a combined model grouping, the dynamic range of individual function is enhanced. The Maps are not necessary for use of apparati. However, the map can be a development asset, a locator for the enhanced, most efficient operation of an apparatus. Maps are neither general nor specific. Maps interpreted with the potentiality of possible use of the apparatus will generate much pleasure and high reward, realized with the bi-polar / dually-enhanced use of Map with Apparatus. Maps must be interpreted on a very specific individual instance case.

Apparati are signs, indexes, simulacra of the original ideal of desired function, as applied to the internal dialogue and textual socio-interpretation. The interactive, external, discourse of language is not to be perceived as dominant but rather a resultant consequence of the use of apparati.

The apparati are designed, developed and implemented as signs to communicate an internal hyper-real concept. Thus, concept becomes an understanding of the internal / external self. This hyper-reality, simulation becomes the condition of the individual and a demonstration of the functional capacity of organized society.

The apparati, in form, whatever form, must be detached from any conjectured references. Any reference that one might infer from the perceived form exists only in the individual and as such, is unique to each individual, including the creator of the form.

Function is exstensible; as a correlation to the exstensible potentiality and identity of the individual. The individual self is not static; as the presentation of self, the socio-performance, is elastic and mutable. This is not an inauthentic representation, but a response and reaction to place, time, situation, perceived performance and utility. It is a reality as determined by the flux of the signs, indicators, simulation that is conceived and perceived form and function of the apparati.

Life as developed, realized, manifested and displayed by conceptual signs and signals and classified as a method of dispensing sociological experience, class, hierarchy, significance, is altered by the use and the instigated activation of the apparati.

One's hyper-real extension of the imaginative exploration of the sublime, the elevation of moral or spiritual purity or excellence, the creative constructs of identity, purpose, impetus, inspiration and motivation can be manifested through the active use of the apparati.

Conceptual Apparati is an equalizer in the conscious collective.