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122 Bob St
Santa Fe, NM, 87501
United States


Resource Extraction Corp


Resource Extraction Corp

Jordan West


Since 1969 Resource Extraction Corp has taken pride in providing the highest quality Objects, Parts, Devices and Maps for all your Personal Resource Extraction needs. Every Object, Part, Device and Map has been through an extensive research and development process to ensure that all utility, function, utilization and conceptualization meets and exceeds the highest benchmarks of the capacities of the individual's extraction needs.

Please browse the Showroom for our developing inventory of Objects, Parts, Devices and Maps. We are highly confident that you will find something particularly rewarding and substantiating.

For a comprehensive description of the telos, techne, episteme & phronesis conceptual projections of our inventory, our Mission Statement has been particularly prepared for you.


It has been a pleasure for me, this introduction, as I hope you may find a similar satisfaction in your interaction and understanding; both a priori and a posteriori of our wares.

Kind Regards,

President, Resource Extraction Corp



Resource Extraction Corp is a Subsidiary of

Jordan West Studio